PhD (Socio-Informatics)

Entry Requirements

For entry into the programme a Master’s degree with a result of 70% is normally required.

Programme Structure

The programme does not involve any formal lectures, class work or assessments (other than that of the dissertation itself). The student performs an independent research project under the guidance of a supervisor culminating in a 72 000 – 85 000 word dissertation. Three examiners each assess the dissertation individually in accordance to the standards prescribed by the University and the National Qualifications Framework (level 10), followed by an oral examination.

How to Apply

Acceptance to the PhD programme is based on the completion of a doctoral research proposal. The proposal functions as part of the screening process of higher degree candidates and gives departments and prospective supervisors a sense of (1) the importance and feasibility of the study; (2) the candidate’s ability to complete the project successfully; (3) the suitability of the approach; (4) the ethical considerations relating to the study; and (5) the financial viability of the study.

Proposals are developed in collaboration with a supervisor and applicants should start the process by identifying and contacting a potential supervisor. Information about the supervisors and their research areas can be found on the Staff page. It is important to identify a supervisor that is knowledgeable in the area which the applicant plans to conduct research. Applicants are advised, accordingly, to familiarise themselves with supervisors’ research backgrounds and publications before requesting supervision (links are available on the Staff page).


Contact the programme co-ordinator, Dr DB le Roux, at [email protected].