BA (Socio-Informatics)


The BA (Socio-Informatics) is an interdisciplinary degree programme offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The three-year programme combines subjects in Information Systems Management with a variety of subjects from both the Social Sciences, as well as the Economic and Management Sciences.

Entry Requirements

  • A National Senior Certificate with a code of at least 4 in each of the four school subjects from the list of designated university admission subjects.
  • Home Language: code 4 (50%).
  • First Additional Language: code 3 (40%).
  • Mathematics: code 5 (60%).
  • Students choosing Mathematics 114, 144 as electives: Mathematics code 6 (70%)
  • Mainstream admission requirement (three-year): An average NSC percentage (excluding Life Orientation) of 60%
  • Extended degree programme admission requirement (four-year): An NSC aggregate of at least 60–64,9% (excluding Life Orientation)

Programme Structure

The programme delivers students with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree on NQF level 7. This degree is internationally recognised.
The programme includes two options: Information Systems and Geo-Informatics.

Option One: Information Systems
First Year

Compulsory Subjects
Business Management, Socio-Informatics, Philosophy, Information Skills

Elective Subjects
Afrikaans en Nederlands, Afrikaans Language Acquisition, Basic Xhosa, Economics, English Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public and Development Management and Mathematics.

Second Year

Socio-Informatics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Philosophy and continuation of one elective from the first year.

Third Year

Socio-Informatics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and Business Ethics.

Option Two: Geo-Informatics
First Year

Compulsary Subjects
Information Skills, Socio-Informatics, Geo Environmental Science, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics (Bio), Statistics.

Second Year

Compulsary Subjects
Socio-Informatics, Geography and Environmental Studies, Geographical Information Technology, Business Ethics.

Elective Subjects
Economics and Sociology.

Third Year

Socio-Informatics and Geographical Information Technology.

Post-Graduate Options

Students that graduate from this programme are eligible for the BCom Honours Programme in Information Systems Management. This programme deepens their knowledge of Informatics and devotes significant time to projects, research and practical training. Completion of the honours degree can also gain students entry to masters and PhD programmes in the field of Informatics.

How to Apply

This programme follows the normal application process outlined by Stellenbosch University. Both paper and electronic application forms are available from the Admissions Office. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to ensure timeous consideration of their applications.