MA (Socio-Informatics)


The MA programme focuses on the development of research capacity in the field of Socio-Informatics by means of an independent execution (at NQF level 9) of a research project under supervision which leads to a thesis of 110 to 140 pages. The thesis counts towards 100% of the final mark for the programme.

Entry Requirements

For entry into the programme a relevant Honour’s degree with a result of 65% is normally required.

Programme Structure

The programme does not involve any formal lectures or class work or assessments (other than that of the thesis itself). The student performs an independent research project under the guidance of a supervisor culminating in a 110-140 page thesis. Two examiners (internal and external to the University) each assess the thesis individually in accordance to the standards prescribed by the University and the National Qualifications Framework (level 9). These standards are available in the University’s general yearbook (see The outcomes of these assessments are considered by a Departmental committee which aggregates them and awards the final mark.

How to Apply

An applicant must have an honours degree in an area of Informatics to be accepted into the programme.

The applicant must also submit a research proposal (8-10 pages, 12 pt Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing) based on which his/her right of admission will be decided. The research proposal must contain the following sections:

  1. Overview of the body of knowledge (theory) which gives rise to and frames the question, and how it will be used.
  2. What, at this early stage, the research is anticipated to find.
  3. What contribution the findings should make to a) the body of (academic) knowledge, and b) everyday work and
  4. The research methods planned to be implemented in the research process.
  5. Outline of the execution of the research (with dates and targets and full motivation).
  6. Brief annotated review of the literature that is deemed to be core for the research.

The proposal, together with a CV and complete academic record, must be sent to the Programme Coordinator before the 1st of October of the year prior to which the applicant wishes to commence the programme.

The applicant will receive feedback from the Department on his acceptance/rejection within two weeks. If accepted, the  student may apply for the programme following the University’s post-graduate application procedures. The deadline for this application is mid-December (consult the yearbook for exact dates).