BComHons (Information Systems Management)


The dramatic uptake of information technology in organisational environments has fueled the need for professional persons with a skill set enabling them to guide the organisation through the processes of the adoption and management of information technology. This programme aims to further enhance the knowledge and skills of graduates in the field of Informatics by building upon undergraduate foundations in an intensive one-year honours programme. The programme, like this academic domain, is distinctly interdisciplinary and draws from the computer, social and management sciences.

Entry Requirements

A Bachelors Degree in an applicable area of Informatics for which the student achieved a minimum average of 60% in the final year across all subjects; and a minimum average of 60% in the final year for Informatics/Information Systems Managment.

Selection Process

  1. All applications are considered with regards to the formally specified admission requirements for the programme (as per the Faculty calendar) and the entry requirements outlined above.
    1. If the number of qualifying applicants exceeds the programme capacity (as determined by the Department of Information Science), applicants will be ranked in accordance to their academic performance (see 1.b) in their final year of undergraduate study. Selection will then be based on the applicants’ positions in this ranking.
    2. The Department of Information science reserves the right to evaluate the academic performance of applicants from Universities other than Stellenbosch based on the content and level of courses completed. This implies that, while the applicant may have achieved the required results, he/she may be rejected if the courses covered do not align with the requirements for the programme.
    3. If deemed required, any applicant may be asked to perform an assessment to enable the Department to determine his/her readiness for the programme.

Programme Structure

The programme is a one-year (Jan-Dec), full-time course consisting of four modules of equal credit weighting (30 credits each).

  • Computing in Information Systems
  • Advanced Information Systems┬áTheory and Practice
  • Information and Knowledge in Organisations
  • Research Assignment: Information Systems Management

The modules are presented in parallel throughout the year and the Research Assignment is completed under the guidance of a supervisor.

How to Apply

This programme follows the normal application process outlined by Stellenbosch University. Both paper and electronic application forms are available from the Admissions Office.
Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to ensure timeous consideration of their applications.