Masters students present at global conferences

Petrus Schoonwinkel at the 10th International Conference on Social Media & Society

In July Petrus Schoonwinkel, a Masters student in Socio-Informatics working with Laurenz Cornelissen, presented on “A Socio-Informatic Approach to Automated Account Classification on Social Media” at the 10th International Conference on Social Media & Society in Toronto, Canada. Co-authored with Laurenz Cornelissen and Richard Barnett, in this project, a key new feature is proposed that, in combination with existing methods, improved machine leaning classification performance for bot detection on Twitter.

Read the pre-print here.

In June Tiaan du Toit, also a Masters student in Socio-Informatics, presented on “ConceptCloud 2.0: Visualisation and Exploration of Geolocation-Rich Semi-Structured Data Sets” at the Workshop on Applications and Tools of Formal Concept Analysis, 15th International Conference, ICFCA 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany. Co-authored with Professors Britz and Fischer, this project extends ConceptCloud with an integrated map view to exploit the geolocation aspect of data. The tool’s implementation of exploratory search does not require prior knowledge of the structure of the data or compromise on scalability, and provides seamless navigation through the tag cloud and the map viewer. 

Read the pre-print here.


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